Vila Monte Farm House

A reinterpretation of the

Algarve lifestyle

If you're thinking of a classic farm house then this is the perfect one: timeless simplicity, a local and genuine atmosphere combined with a boho-chic spirit. This is a reinterpretation of the Algarve lifestyle, with the perfect integration of its emblematic elements.

Vila Monte Farm House, where the rooms gave place to a collection of original suites, with their own personality. What assemble all these spaces is the authenticity, the simplicity of the Algarve architecture with its strong Arabic inspiration. 

One of the characteristics of Vila Monte is its ability to make us forget what’s around us. So, if what you’re looking for is a place marked by the tranquility of the South, full of light and where you can relax and get away, then this is the right Travel Gem for you.

And, for the foodies amongst our followers, we have a very special recommendation here. As the team of The Travel Gem can personally attest to, the farm house has an amazing on-site restaurant called À Terra. Dishes are served with love and meals are prepared with skill and heart. À Terra is a restaurant based on homemade, delicious, healthy and rustic food.