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Hotel Unique


The Unique is one of those hotels you dream up when you are in need of a bit of colour in your life. When you find yourself dreaming in winter of your next holiday and are longing for bright blue skies and inviting colourful poolside seating pods. This hotel in the center of Fethiye is truly impressive in an intimate yet very stylish way.​


Med-Inn Boutique Beach Hotel in Bodrum

This is a hotel that people want to keep to themselves. They don't tell friends about the pool or the stunning jetty into the perfect aquamarine sea. This beach hotel with it's beautiful suites and lush gardens has become a well-kept secret.


Med-inn boutique beach hotel in Bodrum - Güllük is one of Turkey´s finest boutique hotels and one of those places where you want to come back to year on year.


Six Senses Kaplankaya Hotel

If you want to get away from it all, this Six Senses Hotel just north of Bodrum may be the spot for you! It lies on a secluded stretch of coast and the hotel has everything you have come to expect from a six senses hotel.


The hotel is at one with nature but also offers all the luxury you will never find in your nature outings. Yes, there are two ancient wonders of the world nearby, but coming back from your excursions it is definitely nice to be welcomed back for a visit to the impressive spa with it's own salt grotto. 

Enjoy the quiet calm of Silence

D-Maris Bay Hotel

D Maris Bay is a hidden paradise where Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. And oh my, the sandy beaches in the bay are a thing to behold and there are at least five beautiful beaches as far as we could count. Combine that with the exquisite restaurants nearby and this Turkish delight is an impressive hotel to give you an unforgettable holiday experience. 


Perdue Design and Boutique Hotel

in Faralya

Imagine this, sleeping in a design hotel, but you are in an air-conditioned suite in a bamboo house with a private balcony and a hot tub. And all off this in a seafront location. Well, you have found this travel gem called Perdue Hotel in Faralya where they have found a way to find just the right blend between being outdoors and making you feel as comfortable as possible. We are sure you will fall in love when you see these pictures!