Ses Pitreras

Boutique Hotel

Well hidden and true bliss

Just nine rooms. That alone should give you a hint as to why we chose this boutique hotel in the first place. Sure, we have visited resorts and large hotels, but our true passion lies in finding these exclusive and smaller hotels that we can go on to name a Travel Gem.

From the outside you would never be able to tell, but this1970s building was rescued and turned into a contemporary space under the watchful eye of prestigious interior designer Joan Lao. Hidden and tucked away from an unassuming street lies an oasis shrouded with palm trees. Upon entering you can immediately feel the attention to details and you are embraced by an atmosphere of luxury.

And of course you will find a great in-house restaurant that serves traditional Mediterranean cuisine merged with modern, international flavours. And oh, don't forget to ask for the excellent wine list..