Santa Barbara

Eco-Beach Resort

A Marriott Luxury & Lifestyle Hotel

Opened in 2015, this is the Azores first Eco resort and besides clearly showing the Eco aspect in its architecture and design, they put this eco aspect into daily practice in a serious way.


The maintenance crew performs a daily cleaning of the beach, the kitchen practices composting in an almost religious way and rainwater is harvested and stored in a storage basin built at the Resort.

The Resort's architecture and the choice of materials integrates the buildings harmoniously into the natural surroundings. The architecture of the buildings was adjusted to the morphology of the land, in order to minimize the landscape impact and yhe building materials selected are natural and of local or national origin, such as cryptomeria wood, bamboo and cork, enhancing the integration of buildings in the natural surroundings. Santa Barbara's furniture and decorative pieces were designed and built exclusively for the project and many of the pieces made it possible to reuse old materials.

The result is a resort on the island of São Miguel where you can enjoy the island to its fullest, with a total of 30 Villas & Studios that provide stays in perfect harmony with nature.