Pocinho Bay on Ilha do Pico Azores

Beautiful Boutique Guesthouse

Set on a bay overlooking Faial Island, Pocinho Bay is a sophisticated rural retreat. The stunning boutique guesthouse, is a small, beautiful rural retreat and is located in what used to be a hidden hamlet.

In our eyes, the guesthouse on the south west coast of Pico is the ideal place for a special occasion or group getaway. It is dwell designed and chic, but at the same time still very charming and cozy, which is a difficult thing to pull off. 

And although it all feels cozy and private, the Pocinho Bay guesthouse sits on an amazing 13 hectares with gardens, hammocks and freshwater outdoor pool overlooking the bay. Especially at sunset it is mesmerizing to look across the bay towards the neighbouring island of Faial with its twinkling lights.