Les Bords de Mer in Marseille

Stunning views of the

Mediterranean Sea

The rooms face outwards towards the sea. Can you imagine waking up to these views? And be in one of the most exciting cities of Europe? Then be sure t have a look at this waterfront hotel which name says it all: Les Bords de Mer.

When staying at Les Bords de Mer there is the sense of having one foot in the surf and the other in the city centre. The interiors are sleek and white, an amazing fit to the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean. If you are describing a holiday to the Med, this is it.

Les Bords de Mer offers 19 rooms, each opening out onto the Mediterranean Sea. The decorations selected use a pastel colour scheme and natural wood to harken back to the golden age of the 50s, with contemporary touches, and all the while never losing sight of the permanence of the vast sea before them.

e is also home to a restaurant which offers a lively, healthy, modern, tangy, varied seafood-based menu. It is located right at the water level and during springtime tables are set out along its terrace rooftop.