De Pier Suites


When visiting The Hague,

this hotel is a must visit

Enjoy the sunset from your suite, every day! Nothing lies between you and the North Sea and seeing the sun drop into the sea is something that will never get boring. Sure, you have been close to the sea, maybe even slept in a beachfront property, but have you ever slept on top of the Sea?


De Pier suites is built on the iconic Pier of Scheveningen, the beach town close to The Hague. If you are quiet, you can listen to the waves, it is like a constant reassuring sound of nature nearby. You can spend hours watching sailing ships and other boats sail by.


The interior of the rooms is well thought out. The 2-meter king-size beds might be normal for these tall Dutch folk, but for everyone else it is a lovely luxury. But to be honest? The main reason to book on of these suites is definitely the views. We could spend days watching the sea from this lovely travel gem.