Conversas de Alpendre

Hideaway retreat in the Eastern Algarve

It's quite difficult to grasp the style of this travel gem that we have recently discovered. It could probably be described best as a contemporary classic style, but that does not do justice to the creativity that can be found here. The combination of design-hotel luxury and style with the friendliness of the family running it, makes it in a league of its own.


This boutique style hotel feels more like a home away from home. But then a home that is full of locally crafted artisanal elements and where you don't have to do anything. 

And if we are allowed to get personal for a moment, we want to recommend the Tree House. This beautiful structure stand 6,5 meters high above the ground, on top of a carob tree, and has been built entirely from wood and by hand. The Tree House is the most special and exclusive Conversas de Alpendre room and boasts breath taking views to the see and the countryside.

We could go on an on about this hideaway in the south of Portugal, about its breakfast, filled with organic products from their own farm, or about the amazing feel of the salt water pool. But we won't. We just want to invite you to take a look at the pictures and let you decide for yourself when you want to book this Travel Gem. Enjoy!