Areias do Seixo

Santa Cruz

Shelter, Rooms and Villas

At Areias do Seixo, they know how to create a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for a getaway. You can feel the desire to create a unique place. And boy, have they succeeded! Especially their Shelter accommodation, which is an amazing charm tent where they have switched off -almost- everything but the sounds of nature. The Shelter is a place to share authentic moments and to disconnect from the outside world. 

Besides the Shelter, there is a range of luxury villas and rooms for those of you who do want to stay connected to all kinds of modern amenities. The Areias do Seixo hotel clearly shows that everything has been thoughtfully and painstakingly designed to equal so much more than a simple sum of their parts. It is a place to pause and take stock, to savour every moment, cradled by dunes and the sea.

Of course, we have shown our hand and have a love for the Shelter, but please also check out the rooms which are glittering with mirrors and candles, are equipped with log fires and have patchwork quilts adorning the beds. 

In the restaurant you can enjoy an organic, authentic and lovingly made lunch or dinner! They are showing how to cook with what Mother Earth naturally gives us and even use flowers and their bulbs, but don't worry, it is lovingly combined with vegetables and herbs from their garden. All produce is used according to seasonality and are mostly locally sourced.