ADC Boutique Hotel Évora

Within the old city walls,

old meets new

We've stayed two nights in this family owned boutique hotel in Évora, but should have stayed a bit longer. Two nights barely allows enough time to see the top monuments in Évora or sample the unique local gastronomy. An extra night allows you to spend a bit more time inside the walls or a day trip into the countrside. The countyside is charming, filled with history and easy to navigate.

As you can see in the pictures that we have selected, we have spent quite a few hours in the lounge of this small hotel. The bar is open for snacks and drinks all day long and you will not be disappointed. We where looking for inspiration during this trip and, boy, did we find it here. The lounge is packed with coffee table books and many magazines. The selection of magazines made us stay. It ranges from old fashion magazines from the 60's to new copies of Architectural Digest and Côté Sud magazines. 

Another thing you can see reflected in the pictures is the use of wall panelling and headboards throughout the hotel. The use of colours is amazing and it gives and room just this extra bit of luxury feel and colourful comfort. We have just spoken to the reception at the hotel to find out more about those wall panels and they where as friendly as ever in answering our questions. All panels, headboards and chairs that you 


Stay for 3 nights is our recommendation. You can see availibility and pricing through the link below, have a great trip to Évora!!