In the Spotlight

Some hotels deserve a little bit more attention and therefore we will always highlight a few of our most special places and hidden travel gems for you, right here on our homepage. 

Let us know if you feel that your hotel needs to be in our Spotlight.


Hôtel La Co(o)rniche


This luxurious five-star hôtel has quite a bit of history and famous locally for quite a few celebrity glam visits per year. Dream lazily away and look out onto the big blue seas of the Atlantic Ocean. Hotel La Co(o)rniche is beach chic at its best!


Noah Surf House


This Travel Gem is called Noah Surf House and the atmosphere relaxed and carefree. The hotel runs activities, such as their own surf school, right there on the beach of Santa Cruz. 


Casa Angelina


Sitting on the high cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Boutique Hotel Casa Angelina offers a sublime slice of modern minimalism on the Mediterranean, quite different from most hotels you will find on this chic stretch of Italian coast.